Tie Dye Workout Pants? Don’t be shy!

Tie Dye may not be the first that comes to mind when deciding on a new pair of workout pants or capris.  You are probably like most and go for the basic black because after all, it goes with everything and everyone knows black is slimming right? I’m not knocking black, everyone needs your basic black. 
You have no excuses to shy away from these gorgeous Tie Dye Capri and Yoga Pants by our favorite fitness brand Protokolo.  First off forget about the “slimming black” ideal because the superior Supplex material sucks it all in and smooths it all out so you can throw that excuse out the window! Secondly, you get to choose between full length or capri length. Lastly, (although we can go on forever about these) we guarantee they will never fade of pill and will keep you dry and comfortable during any activity!  
When we ordered these we knew they were “pretty” but when we opened the box and saw them in person we were more than impressed.  The pants start out at the top a beautiful violet color that fades into a rich grape and finishes off at the hem a pale purple.  They are simply gorgeous to say the least and you can wear them to yoga, spinning, running, weight training or under a white tunic around town.
Live a little and add some color to your fitness wardrobe and your workout! You work hard for that body!

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