Palm Beach Athletic Wear Wristlet Key Ring

Palm Beach Athletic Wear’s Wristlet Key Ring is a must have accessory for safety and convenience while on the go that any woman can appreciate! How many times have you walked to your car and had to dig through your purse or diaper bag to locate your keys? Never again with Palm Beach Athletic Wear’s Wristlet Key Ring!
Mothers with young children can enjoy an extra hand when walking to their car with a small child. And, no one likes working out late at night (but it IS a reality for many of us) and walking to your car alone can be scary at night. The Wristlet Key Ring from makes it easy, fast and convenient to find your keys and get to your car safely.’s Wristlet Key Ring slips onto your wrist allowing you to have immediate access to your keys while keeping your hands free. Not only is this key ring convenient while carrying groceries or your gym bag, it allows you immediate access to your keys or keyless remote to safely enter your vehicle.
We all need to be alert to our surroundings and free of distractions. The Wristlet Key Ring is smart, functional and extremely fashionable for any hip Mommy or gym enthusiast! What Mom, wife or friend wouldn’t love this convenient Wristlet Key Ring from Palm Beach Athletic Wear? Available in 15 fabulous fabrics and colors (see above) to match your personality and style. Get your Wristlet Key Ring from now for just, $12 PLUS Free Shipping too!

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