Rocks the Wallet Belt! has scoured the World searching for the perfect fitness wear solution for holding your essentials, when carrying a purse just isn’t an option! And, the Wallet Belt by Bluefish is the best, must-have fitness accessory we know you will LOVE! With 3 Velcro pockets, 1 zippered pocket and a key ring clip, there is plenty of room for your I-pod, keys, ID. credit cards and even plenty of room for cash!
The best part about the Wallet Belt? It’s made with Blue Tech material for a flat and seamless fit, so it looks like it is a part of your workout pants and NOT a fanny pack! Say goodbye to stuffing your MP3 or cell phone in your cleavage –We know, we know! We actually SAW women doing this at the gym, the other day! We approached these women and asked them to try out this new, Palm Beach Athletic Wear accessory, and they ALL purchased a Wallet Belt on the spot!… That is just how fantastic and fab they are!
Wear the Wallet Belt to the gym, grocery shopping or anywhere. If it gets dirty, throw it in the wash! The Wallet Belt will replace those arm bands that never fit, the ugly hip packs or, “fanny packs” that are extremely touristy and can replace a purse for the ultimate hip and stylish look! Fitness instructors LOVE these Wallet Belts because they replace bulky, tune belts for a more streamlined look. LOVES the Wallet Belt from Bluefish and we know you will too! This adjustable fitness belt comes in One size fits all and is available in the color, Black from Palm Beach Athletic Wear now! Get your Wallet Belt today!

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