Fitness, Yoga & Athletic Wear Bags offers superior quality yoga and athletic wear accessories and fitness bags to keep you stylish and fit all day long. Our selection of name brand, athletic bags are the perfect hands-free solution to hold your gym accessories and yoga mat, keys or towel. The Wallet Belt by Bluefish Sport is a simple styled alternative to a purse and the Manduka MatSaks or Manduka Mat Sling is perfect for a hands free, sporty look. Palm Beach Athletic Wear’s Mandala Reusable Mat Bag (featured on the left) is a colorful and inexpensive way to show your philanthropic nature. These Kulae Mat Bags support women and children in NYC’s Mandala House, which is a charitable organization that provides women and children self-directed healing programs.  For just, $24 each these Kulae Mat Bags will be the envy at any gym or yoga studio! Shop now for our great athletic wear bags with Free Shipping and be sure to visit us Sunday, December 5th, 2010 from 8am to 1pm at the Palm Beach Gardens Green Market!

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