Headed to the gym but don’t want to lug your enormous Prada handbag and stuff it in a gym locker or, dare we mention, leave it in the trunk!? Ladies, we understand! PalmBeachAthleticWear.com has looked high and low for the perfect purse alternative to carry your essentials when a purse is just, not an option. PalmBeachAthleticWear.com now offers the stylishly hip, Wallet Belt by Bluefish!!
With three Velcro pockets, one zippered pocket and one key ring clip, there is plenty of room for your I-pod, keys, ID credit cards, cash and so much more! The Wallet Belt is made with Blue Tech material so it looks like it is a part of your workout pants for a more sleek and stylish look! Say, “Goodbye” to stuffing your MP3 or cell phone in your cleavage! (Yes, that is what we found when we tested this product out at our local fitness center)! Wear your Wallet Belt to the gym, grocery shopping or anywhere lugging a purse isn’t an option. And, the best part about the Wallet Belt by Bluefish is… if it gets dirty, toss it in the wash!
PalmBeachAthleticWear.com has found the ultimate hip and stylish alternative to lugging your purse to the gym! Carry your essentials in style! This Wallet Belt by Bluefish will replace the arm bands that never fit, the ugly hip packs that are so, “touristy” and of course your bulky purse! Yoga Instructors and Fitness Instructors LOVE the Wallet Belt as an alternative to bulky tune belts and we know you will love the Wallet Belt too! Score a Wallet Belt by Bluefish from PalmBeachAthleticWear.com now and never toss your Prada handbag in the trunk again!

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