Keep Warm & Dry with a Hot Yoga Towel from!

Wow! The weather, for most of the US is downright frigid! Working out in the cold (and getting motivated enough to do so) can be SO hard! If you are anything like me, running and jogging in the snow can be scary and intimidating! Switch up your fitness routine and take a few classes at your local yoga studio! This will help you tone up and keep fit without freezing your buns off! Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is the perfect winter fitness solution when cold and frigid temperatures are the normal high for the day. offers many yoga accessories to make your Bikram yoga class more fun and stylish!
Our Hot Yoga Towels, by Kulae, are oversized (extra long and extra wide), ultra absorbent and antibacterial. These hot yoga towels will keep you dry at the yoga studio ALL winter long! The staff are big fans of the Green Bamboo color choice hot yoga towel but they are also available in Ocean Blue too.
Keep warm and dry with the Kulae Hot Yoga Towel from –no matter what color you choose! We always offer Free Shipping and now you can save even more on the Kulae Hot Yoga Towel –They are on sale at! We have reduced the price of these fashionable yoga accessories you MUST HAVE to keep stylish and fit at the gym, yoga studio and for every day.

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