Hot Yoga Towels – Keep Warm & Dry for Winter Workouts!

Bikram Yoga is just one form of hot yoga. The practice of performing hot yoga in a warm room is said to help the body sweat out toxins and can also help with flexibility in yoga poses and when stretching. loves Bikram Yoga and we always bring our Kulae Hot Yoga towel along to every class! We think this Kulae Hot Yoga towel is, by far, the best! It keeps us dry, is antibacterial, antimicrobial, 100% recyclable and is the most absorbent hot yoga towel.
Whether you are practicing Bikram Yoga or another style of hot yoga, or simply want the added comfort of a super absorbent towel during your workout, these extra long and extra wide Kulae hot yoga towels are a great addition to your practice! And, the best part about these amazing hot yoga towels? The price! is having a SALE on these Kulae hot yoga towels! Save $6 instantly PLUS  get Free Shipping too!

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