Bluefish Sport Women’s Fitness Wallet Belt on Sale! loves to offer you fabulous fitness accessories and athletic apparel that is both stylish and functional! Today, we feature this Bluefish Sport women’s fitness wallet belt which is perfect for carrying everyday essentials! When a purse is just not an option, wear this comfortable Bluefish wallet belt with 3 velcro pockets, 1 zippered pocket and a convenient key ring clip too. There is plenty of room for your I-pod, keys, ID. credit cards and some cash! Best of all it is made with Blue Tech material so this wallet belt looks like it is a part of your workout pants or outfit! The Bluefish Wallet Belt will replace the arm bands that never fit, the ugly fanny or hip packs that are so, “touristy” and of course, your purse!
Wear this Bluefish Sport Wallet Belt to the gym, grocery shopping or just about anywhere. The best feature is that its machine washable, and today, it’s on sale at! Get this fab fitness accessory from now… we offer Free Shipping with every US order plus, the best women’s athletic apparel you need to be stylish & fit!

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