Women’s Fitness Wear & Sportswear Products We Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Palm Beach Athletic Wear! As our office celebrates this love-filled day, we thought we would share our top 5 women’s fitness wear and sportswear products we could NOT live without! Every item by Bluefish Sport is absolutely fabulous but, an office favorite for Zumba and Latin dancing classes is our Bluefish Flag Cargo Pants! PalmBeachAthleticWear.com staffers love these women’s fitness pants for their comfortable and super durable, light weight fabric and just the right amount of pocket detailing with adjustable waist and adjustable calf for scrunching too!

Another MUST HAVE women’s fashion fitness wear outfit set is by Brazilian design house, Protokolo. Purple athletic wear has been one of the hottest color trends in women’s sportswear and yoga gear and this gorgeous Plum Tie Dye Outfit Set by Protokolo is on our top 5 hottest looks list! We love the fit of this fitness outfit –it fits and conceals in ALL the right places!
Two yoga fitness accessories our PalmBeachAthleticWear.com staffers can not live without go hand in hand. The Mandula eQua hand towel and, to carry our yoga gear in is another well loved accessory… the Manduka Practice Yoga Mat Bag, both in –you guessed it! Our favorite color, Magic (a deep plum purple)! These two fitness accessories are used by all of our Palm Beach Athletic Wear staffers that practice yoga!
Last but not least, is one of our favorite time-tested fitness accessories designed by Palm Beach Athletic Wear owner, Kristen Lemoine. The Wristlet Key Ring has saved us from searching the bottom of our purse in pursuit of our car keys many times! Worn on the wrist, the strap is colorful enough to find inside even the messiest gym bags and, best of all? The Wristlet Key Ring comes in 15 colors–YES, 15 amazing colorful fabrics and colors to choose from!
PalmBeachAthleticWear.com hopes your day is filled with LOTS of LOVE this Valentine’s Day! Share our blog with the ones YOU love today and show us some love and LIKE our facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/PalmBeachAthleticWear

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