Best Athletic Products that Do Double Duty –Fitness Accessories & Must Have Mom Approved Products!

Every Mom knows that spending money on their self can be rare, at best! But, every Momma can justify spending money on ourselves when the products we buy do double duty – Each product featured in today’s Palm Beach Athletic Wear blog does just that! Double Duty! These fashionable fitness accessories are perfect for new Mom’s, or just about anyone that needs convenience in their lives.
The Bluefish Sport Wallet Belt provides hands free movement while carrying your essentials – cash, cards, iPhone and binky clip/ key ring clip! Save $7 right now–no coupon code needed when you shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear for this Bluefish Sport Wallet Belt.
Moms on the go need a hand… the eQua hand towel! Whether you are an avid Yoga enthusiast, Fitness Instructor, Mommy or Athletic Trainer, you need a quality made fitness hand towel that is extremely lightweight yet, plush, durable, super absorbent and quick drying! This eQua Hand Towel by Manduka comes in 4 color choices for just $20 each. Perfect for your face and hands (or, your little one’s!), the eQua Hand Towel will not only survive countless washings but will quickly become your must have fitness accessory everyday! We have several for day to day use. One in the car, one for the office (squeeze in a few lunges during a conference call?!) and an eQua hand towel in our Manduka Yoga Mat Bag!
Shop right now for these Mom approved fitness accessory must haves! You will always get free shipping with every US order you place, every day!

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