Typical Weekday Morning for One of Our Palm Beach Athletic Wear Staffers


Off to the Farmer’s Market today! With my Purple Blender Bottle mixed with a super yummy, protein drink I head out the door with my list…Fresh, kale, carrots and garlic on my list of to-getsfor tonight’s dinner. I wear my favorite go-to athletic yoga capris from Bluefish -The Quest Fold Over Bluefish Capris and comfy Solar Top (on sale!) also by Bluefish Sport, with Palm Beach Athletic Wear ’s lightweight, matching Bluefish Quest Jacket -also on sale! (it’s cold this morning)! I grab my favorite Kulae Mandala tote bag and head out the door.
Once my shopping at the farmer’s market is complete and I unload my organic buys, I once again grab my Kulae Mandala tote bag, fill it with my eQua hand towel, yoga mat, change of clothes for the office, gym card, vitamin water (I have an addiction to vitamin water!), organic granola snack, yoga packed in ice and Blender Bottle in another favorite color, Hot Pink.

I head to the gym for yoga class and my Kulae Mandala Tote is full but still looks fabulous!
After a hard workout in yoga class, I mix a granola and yogurt smoothy in my hot pink Blender Bottle for the ultimate mid-morning snack and head to the office.
At the office, while sitting at my desk, I admire the Kulae Mandala Tote for it’s versatility AND pretty, handmade printed design. This Palm Beach Athletic Wear staffer LOVES her tote bag and could not live without 2 Blender bottles! -1 for protein drinks in the morning and a second one for mid morning or lunchtime snacks. At just $8.99 per Blender Bottle, everyone can afford to have at least two! The Kulae Mandala Tote Bag is super affordable too! $24 gets you this versatile, pretty and multi functional, eco-friendly tote bag you will use all the time! Get these yoga accessories and much more with Free Shipping, with every US order, when you shop, PalmBeachAthleticWear.com!

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