Who Doesn’t Want a Better Butt?

Let’s face it, there are not many women out there that wouldn’t want to improve their backside and we have found the perfect book to get you the butt YOU want to have.  It’s called The Butt Book written by Tosca Reno. The Butt Book is easy to follow and includes step by step exercises to build a better butt along with complete meal plans and recipes to take you through 9 weeks of healthy changes!  As you know, you can exercise day after day but without a proper diet, you’ll never reach your ultimate goals! Diet is everything and when we say diet it means making healthy eating choices and NOT SKIPPING BREAKFAST! This book will give you all the tools you need whether your intentions are to “build a butt” or tone up and reduce cellulite.  The recipes are so healthy but SO DELICIOUS!  All of us at Palm Beach Athletic Wear are HUGE fans of Tosca Reno, and her best selling books The Eat Clean Diet and The Eat Clean Diet Re-Charged.  We recommend both books to anyone interested in eating clean and living healthy.

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