Fitness Essentials Every Woman Needs!

When working out at the gym or yoga studio the last thing any woman wants is an ill fitting fitness top. Athletic tops for women should have a built in bra or supportive, comfortable bodice, wash well and last a long time. In order to be considered a quality fitness top at, all of our women’s athletic tops need to meet or exceed these standards PLUS make the wearer look fabulous too!

With close to 50 women’s athletic tops featured at Palm Beach Athletic Wear to choose from, you are bound to find your favorite color or style that makes you look great! Some of our fitness tops can even be worn to a club or paired with your favorite skirt for that extra special date night or even be worn under a suit jacket for the ultimate, comfortable look in the office! These two athletic tops featured are perfect for the gym AND the office. They will give you the ultimate, comfortable fit for the gym or perfect paired with a business suit for a long day at the office.
Our Bluefish Collar Top looks great no matter HOW you wear it! And, Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s  Protokolo White Pleated Top is another must have in any women’s fitness wardrobe!
Shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear now for all of our women’s athletic tops and fashionable fitness tops you need and get quality AND comfort for the ultimate workout wardrobe!

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