Women’s Sportswear for Dawn & Dusk Safety

Did you know that dawn and dusk are the worst times to jog, run, bicycle ride or take a stroll? Yet, for many of us, that time seems to be the only moment we can seem to squeeze in a jog before work or an after dinnertime stroll to walk off desert. Safety is an important component to working out at home and in your neighborhood. Palm Beach Athletic Wear features these fabulous women’s fitness wear looks that will help keep you safe, fit and looking fabulous!
One of the easiest ways to be seen during dawn and dusk is to wear white fitness apparel. At Palm Beach Athletic Wear, we offer these Protokolo low rise fitness capris in white as well as four other colors. Wearing reflective clothing and white fitness apparel can save your life. Drivers often do not see pedestrians, joggers and bicyclists until it is too late. This yellow Protokolo athletic vest is bright enough for a brisk walk, light weight enough to keep you cool and comfortable too.
Palm Beach Athletic Wear also offers this Bluefish Sport, Bo Peep Top. This sporty black top has an attached second mesh layer in white for safety and a bubble bottom hem style for comfort and style.
Shop PalmBeachAthleticWear.com now and get fashionable, quality made women’s sportswear plus free shipping with every US order! And, be sure to keep safe whenever you workout!

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