New, Sexy Sports Bras by Protokolo!

We love looking our best at the gym. Women that workout and eat healthy look fabulous in Palm Beach Ahtletic Wear’s huge selection of sexy sports bras and athletic tops. Why not show off how fabulous you look (and feel) with this seasons’ hot and sexy sports bra top?!

“I want women to feel good in their workout clothing. We work out to be healthy and better ourselves and live longer, more productive lives. So many women are self conscious about their bodies and when they are overweight or just need to lose a few pounds, going to a gym or a Pilates studio class can be very intimidating. For this reason, having the right fitness wear and athletic clothing; Ones that perform well and look great on, can really help you get over that hurdle,” said Kristen Lemoine, Owner and Fitness Wear Fashion Designer for, in a recent interview. Lemoine goes on to add, “As for new products, we are expanding to add casual everyday clothing like t-shirts, tank tops and dancewear. We are always getting requests for certain items and we listen to our customers’ needs. wants to offer women the best quality fitness wear, yoga gear and athletic apparel for wherever they go and, no matter what sport or fitness regime they have!”’s New, Protokolo spring collection will be arriving soon with a gorgeous selection of supportive and sexy sports bras in colorful prints and bright colors you will love!
Join our Newsletter Mailing List and receive 10% off your entire Protokolo Pre-Order of the newest styles in women’s fitness wear! And, shop our instock selection of sexy sports bra tops from top fitness wear brands such as Bluefish Sport and Protokolo. Many sports bras are on sale –Save an additional 25% off today only when you use *coupon code: NEWS411! Shop and always look and feel your best, no matter where you work out!

*(This coupon code does not include Protokolo Pre-Order Merchandise)

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