Yoga Accessories & Women’s Workout Essentials

Did you know that offers yoga gear and athletic accessories that compliment your fitness regime and daily workout? Our Bluefish athletic Wallet Belt offers tons of Velcro pockets for easy access to all of your gym and workout essentials. The Bluefish athletic wallet belt is streamlined in design, sitting flat against your body. This carryall won’t get in the way of looking your best –no matter where you wear it! also offers a huge selection of women’s yoga mat bags and yoga accessories for women from Kulae and Manduka.’s hot yoga towels, yoga hand towels and large yoga mats will compliment you fitness wardrobe and help keep you in the best shape of your life! Shop for our huge selection of yoga gear and yoga accessories now!
Become a fan on Facebook and Twitter too and join us for our Anniversary Twitter Party this Thursday, April 21st, 2011 at 7pm EST for tons of fitnesswear fun, free giveaways and fabulous savings for everyone that attends! To join our Twitter Party, use hash tag #fitnesswear to participate. See ya’ this Thursday!

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