Hip, Wallet Belt -Have a Hands Free Weekend!

Hands down…. err, more like hands free! PalmBeachAthleticWear.com‘s Bluefish Wallet Belt is perfect for women on the go! This sleek and stylish, hipster Wallet Belt in classic Black is perfect for spinning class, the beach, traveling and much more. If you’ve ever needed an extra hand (who hasn’t?!?) then, our Bluefish Sport Wallet Belt is just what you need for a hands free day.
A few Fitness Mommy Groups in Palm Beach have purchased these Wallet Belts for their Members. Moms on the go NEED an extra hand.
One Mom had this to say, “I love the way this Wallet Belt sits on my hip seamlessly. It’s perfect whenever we take the jogging stroller out or head to the mall. I never leave home without my ID, keys and a credit card…AND, I cannot forget a binky for my daughter, Leanna too! The key ring clip comes in handy… I use it to hold her binky!”
Get this Bluefish Wallet Belt now and save $7 Off plus Free Shipping too! Become a Palm Beach Athletic Wear Facebook Fan to save even more on your first purchase! 

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