New. Eco-Friendly Outdoor Yoga Mats!

With warm weather here to stay, it’s now time to enjoy the outdoors. Practice yoga under the early morning sun or at the end of a long summer day with our new outdoor yoga mats… The bamboo ZUURA MatOutdoor Yoga Mat by Kulae! Kulae is one of the top brands for eco-friendly yoga gear and Palm Beach Athletic Wear has always loved Kulae’s tpECOmat yoga mats for their durability, eco-friendly designs and hygienic applications.
Our new outdoor yoga mats by Kulae are made for practicing yoga outside comfortably. Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s new yoga mat was especially designed to use as a, “mat for your mat” -A portable studio floor under your regular mat or use this outdoor yoga mat alone for extra support during your outdoor yoga, home or studio practice.
This outdoor yoga mat is made with bamboo, one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly and fastest growing grasses on the planet. Not only does bamboo quickly regenerate, but it offers a green alternative to synthetic fibers and is incredibly strong and aesthetically beautiful. The ZUURA Mat™ works on any surface: carpet, sand, grass, or cement and measures 72” X 24” to coordinate with even the largest yoga mats. offers this new outdoor yoga mat by Kulae and a great selection of everyday essential yoga accessories with free shipping too! Shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear for the highest quality, eco-friendly yoga gear and yoga accessories now!

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