Women’s Fitness Outfit Sets –Leave your old sweatpants behind!

Girl, do we know! It can be SO tempting to wear your trusty old sweatpants to the gym with your favorite raggedy t-shirt (with a few holes that you swore only YOU could see)! But, really?!? Why scare away other gym members when all you want is a great workout? A comfortable women’s fitness outfit set can do wonders for your self esteem and motivate others to stay at the gym LONGER instead of flee when they see you entering the gym in those old sweatpants. So, it’s time to say, “Sayonara” to your old sweats and “Hello” to a new look!
Sold by the set, our women’s fitness outfits offer you the opportunity to purchase a complete look in one simple click! Perfect for a quick workout at the gym, tennis, yoga, or any fitness activity, our women’s fitness outfit sets are colorful, sexy and made of the highest quality! Shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s top athletic wear brands for women such as; Protokolo, Sparta Sport and Bluefish too!
While you shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear for our fab fitness outfit sets, check out Element V women’s sportswear collection made and designed by Bluefish Sport with Feng Shui inspired colors and the most comfort fitting athletic tank tops, we know you can’t live without! During this week only, now ’til Friday, June 24th, Palm Beach Athletic Wear has Super Savings on one of the best women’s fitness wear collections on the market! Save 15% Off ALL Element V Fung Shui inspired women’s athletic wear designed by Bluefish Sport! Shop Element V for women’s athletic tank top and unique printed yoga tank tops, yoga capris and athletic shorts and fabulous fitting fitness pants for women! Save 15% Off all Element V -Start saving here: http://bit.ly/ElementV

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