Square Back Sports Bra Top –Fit & Design Perfect for Workouts!

Hands down, women’s fitness wear brand, Protokolo is one of PalmBeachAthleticWear.com’s hottest selling brand names. Not only does Protokolo create colorful and stylish, fashion fitness and athletic apparel for women but their athletic clothing and sports bras outperform discount store or mall brand women’s fitness wear every time! After wearing your Protokolo athletic wear for several months, you will notice no changes –the elasticity is still there, the support you need and the color are all as perfect as the first day you purchased them!
PalmBeachAthleticWear.com’s square back sports bra top by Protokolo is one of our favorite sexy sports bras for women and a top selling item! This sports bra supports, lifts and can be purchased in five fab colors to coordinate with whatever workout bottom you choose. Plus, get this amazing fitting sports bra with Free Shipping too -Exclusively from PalmBeachAthleticWear.com! We always offer Free Shipping with every US order you place!
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