Lateral Lunges in Fitness Cargo Pants

One of Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s marketing intern’s ‘new’ favorite ways to exercise is by doing lateral lunges. A Lateral Lunge is super easy to do anywhere making it one of the most convenient ways to get a few minutes of exercise into a busy day. Lateral Lunges can even be done in a small office -it doesn’t take a huge space to stretch out and burn a few calories!
We had this same intern try out and wear our new, fitness cargo pants from Element V (a sister group of Bluefish Sport) while performing lateral lunges around our offices and 4th floor. She had this to say about Element V’s new, fitness cargo pants,
“You would think that a fitness cargo pant would be constricting while bending but, really these Element V cargo pants rock! They are so comfortable. I have found a casual pant that can take me from the office to the gym (or, around the 4th floor of our building). Definitely a Must-Have Fitness pant for anyone that heads to the gym mid-day or after work!… My favorite color? (There are 5 color choices) -That’s easy, it’s Blue!”
Get Element V’s Athletic Cargo Pants for women plus enjoy free shipping with every US order from everyday and always!

Want to know how you can do lateral lunges anywhere? Check out this link below (it’s a great video showing how to perform a lateral lunge);

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