Fitness Friday -Get Your Om On!

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Happy Fitness Friday, Ladies!  Palm Beach Athletic Wear LOVES yoga! When practicing yoga, the added benefits are enhanced flexibility and an overall, great feeling after a yoga session… Which seems unlike any other fitness routine in our repertoire.
Get your Om on with our Top 3 Yoga Accessories from Palm Beach Athletic Wear -Plus, you will ALWAYS get *FREE Shipping and save an additional $10 off your first purchase, when you LIKE our Facebook Fan page here:

1. Handmade, Funky Yoga Bag
Designed by Owner, Kristen Lemoine, this yoga bag is high on style AND large enough to fit all of your yoga gear with ease. Our handmade yoga bag is the perfect size to carry your yoga mat, towel, water bottle, keys and wallet! The 100% cotton fabric is in a super cute, retro paisley print and is sure to make you the envy of your next yoga class.

2. Outdoor Yoga Mat
Our ZUURA Outdoor Yoga Mat by Kulae is the perfect way to practice yoga outdoors. Use this outdoor yoga mat at the beach, carpet, grass or even cement. Made from bamboo, one of the World’s most natural, renewable and sustainable plant resources, you won’t find a better and more durable outdoor yoga mat for your ultimate outdoor yoga experience!

3. Hot Yoga Towel
Another (literally) hot product from Kulae are these colorful, hot yoga towels at an unbeatable price in the Palm Beach Athletic Wear online fitness boutique. The ultimate yoga towel for grip, hygiene and comfort while practicing yoga! Our Kulae Hot Yoga Towel is an antibacterial, antimicrobial, 100% recyclable, super-absorbent towel for your next workout. Whether you are practicing Bikram Yoga or another style of hot yoga, or simply want the added comfort of a fitness towel for the gym, these extra long and extra wide yoga towels are a great addition to your practice.

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