Curb Your Candy Cravings or Make this Halloween Treat!

Oh, Halloween how our office LOVES all the candy and goodies you bring! But, with all these tasty treats comes the sugar crash that follows shortly after. Palm Beach Athletic Wear wants to know -How do YOU keep fit, curb your candy cravings and workout around this sugar-filled holiday? Comment below and share your tips!

If you MUST make a Halloween Treat, this Cooking with Sugar recipe is super cute and easy to make. Our staff loves Cooking with Sugar recipes because USUALLY, they are healthy and easy to make, offering insight and creative takes on unusual veggies that are plentiful in the market. This Halloween Treat is not a healthy recipe BUT, we like it all the same since it’s too cute, colorful and fun. 

Cooking with Sugar‘s Amazing Halloween Rainbow Party Bundt Cake Recipe in it’s entirety can be found here:

And, to watch Sugar make this fun Halloween Treat, watch this video:

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