FITNESS FRIDAY – Guest Blogger -Winter Workout!

Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s Newest Guest Blogger is New York City resident and long time athlete, Eric Samulski. Eric is an accomplished baseball player for a major University in Texas and was a fitness coach; winning the SCAC Championships in 2004 and 2006. Eric has traveled to Australia to play for the Golden Grove Dodgers in Division 1 of the South Australia Baseball League and his baseball career includes Assistant Coach for the Dutchmen during their inaugural season.

Fitness Friday is Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s way of introducing another perspective on fitness with helpful tips and ideas to keep you looking fabulous throughout the Holiday Season. Eric Samulski’s Winter Workout is a fun take on keeping you looking great, WHILE you indulge in the many holiday feasts and festivities that simply cannot be avoided during the Holiday Season!

As the winter months begin to descend upon us, jogs in the park and games of pick-up basketball become less consistent. However, as if in a deliberately cruel twist of fate, the winter months are also filled with a never-ending collection of holiday dinners and the drinks needed to get through them. Yet, taking time off from working out is not an option during the Holiday Season. Instead, it’s important to find time in your busy day to complete a workout in your home. The perfect solution is to use your night of evening television.

Workouts are most effective when your heart rate is accelerated for longer intervals than it’s at rest. Simply put: workout while the show is on and break during the commercials. Pick your favorite cardiovascular and core exercises (suicide runs, body-weight squats, leg lifts, jumping jacks, etc.) and go non-stop with one activity until the fade out; catch your breath and start again with a new one. You can stay warm, keep up to date on the exploits of the Dunphy family and still remain in summer shape. -Eric Samulski

Leg lifts, squats and suicide runs during your favorite shows, hence, multi-tasking?! No problem-o! That seems too easy for us women (ha!), since we practically juggle a baby bottle, balance a plate of hot food on our nose and recite the Preamble to the U. S. Constitution -and that’s just during breakfast!

Workout while you watch your favorite television shows and don’t forget to shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s online fitness wear boutique, offering fashion forward women’s workout wear with FREE Shipping on every US order and the best prices and selection of quality made fitness wear and women’s workout accessories for your Winter Workouts -At home or in the gym!

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