Fitness Friday – Guest Blogger -Holiday Shopping Secrets Revealed!

Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s Fitness Friday Guest Blogger is New York City resident and long time athlete, Eric Samulski. Eric is an accomplished baseball player for a major University in Texas and was a fitness coach; winning the SCAC Championships in 2004 and 2006. Eric has traveled to Australia to play for the Golden Grove Dodgers in Division 1 of the South Australia Baseball League and his baseball career includes Assistant Coach for the Dutchmen during their inaugural season.

Fitness Friday is Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s way of introducing another perspective on fitness with helpful tips and ideas to keep you looking fabulous throughout the Holiday Season. Fitness Friday’s blog is all about how to shop in stores and get a bit of exercise, curb your holiday cookie cravings and ways to keep holiday anxiety to a minimum.

When we think about fitness, our heads are undoubtedly filled with images of immaculately toned men and women with bronze skin and clothing that seems to fit in all the right places. Fortunately for the majority of us, these images are merely the product of advertisers and media. Fitness, in its essence, refers to a healthy state of being, both mentally and physically. Which is why the holiday months can be such a test to those very principles, for all of us.

There is arguably no time where we feel more stressed or unstable than preparing for the holiday season. So, in order to make sure we maximize our own fitness, its important to remember both its mental and physical aspects. When shopping for presents, make lists and stick to them; plan to hit certain stores on certain days to space out your efforts. If at all possible, walk between stores and carry the presents in bags as opposed to wheeling them around in a shopping cart or immediately putting them into your vehicle. Park as far from the store entrances as possible, maximizing your shopping (and walking) workout.

You can have a holiday cookie -it’s OK! After all, Grandma worked hard to make and bake those holiday cookies and they are your favorite. But, just one or two… not the whole cookie tray! Try to surround yourself with positive, happy people that love you -That’s what the holidays are all about!

The result will be greater mental and physical health and a higher level of overall fitness…In reality, the kind of fitness we want to achieve and care more about. -Happy Holidays, Eric Samulski.

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