Workout Wednesday

We hope you are still working out at home or in the yoga studio or gym despite Hanukkuh starting last night and with Christmas only a few days away.  Start your New Year off right and continue to workout, eat healthy and look fabulous with Palm Beach Athletic Wear. What better way to look your best -no matter where you workout than with a fab, fitness outfit set?!

Bluefish Sport is one of Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s favorite fitness brands -the quality and fabric choices used to make their women’s athletic wear are simply, unbeatable. This Bluefish Workout Outfit will give you comfort and support and make you look and feel great. Workout with confidence knowing none of your junk is gonna fall out! (We don’t know HOW many times we’ve seen THAT at the gym)! Whether you are hanging upside down on your favorite Inversion Table or just doing a bent-knee headstand in yoga class, our Bluefish Sport Outfit is perfect for all your favorite upside down moves!

And, did you know that Palm Beach Athletic Wear provides Free Shipping with every US Order? Yup, that’s right! Free Shipping -no minimum order size requirements.

Get this fitness outfit in time to ring in the New Year in style and be the envy at the gym, Pilates Studio or wherever you decide to workout from Palm Beach Athletic Wear!

Happy Shopping & Happy Hanukkah,

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