Fitness Friday! Shop & Save BIG

Another Fitness Friday is upon us and, no sooner did we get a fitness routine down to a science and, now… the Holiday Parties begin! This fitness video (below) from many different athletic trainers, offers a great selection of helpful workouts and exercises for Before, During and After the Holidays. There is even an exercise that you can do with your favorite tree in the backyard. (FYI -We Do NOT recommend doing that exercise with your Christmas Tree)!

Enjoy the weekend, workout in style and look your best when you shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear with Free US Shipping and unbeatable prices on the fitness brands you love. Shop our Fitness Sale Items for huge savings on the sports bras, athletic cargo pants and tank tops you need to look your best -No matter where you decide to workout (NO Christmas Tree incidents, please)! Have a fab filled fitness weekend & Merry Christmas!

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