How To Stay Motivated to Workout in 2012

Yes, yes. We all know the drill… You’ve made another  New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, stay fit and get healthy this year. And, so far, you’ve stuck by your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Since this is only the month of January, you are probably in the honeymoon phase –continuing to visit the gym, fitness studio or Pilates and yoga sessions faithfully. But, what happens when that routine gets boring and old or, you find yourself needing motivation to accomplish your fitness goals?
Palm Beach Athletic Wear’s Owner and Fitness Accessory Designer, Kristen Lemoine offers these tips for staying motivated after that honeymoon phase of your fitness routine is well in the past.

How To Stay Motivated to Workout in 2012
1. Hire a trainer or, opt for a One on One Session.  Most gyms and athletic studios offer fitness trainer consulting or a meeting with their expert to help give you a custom workout that is right for you. With most new gym memberships, this is often free but, mid-membership-year, you may have to shell out a little extra for this service.
It is well worth the extra dough since these fitness experts know how difficult it is to keep motivated and find creative and different ways to help you stay fit. They can guide you towards those intimidating weight and lifting machines you have been avoiding or, can introduce you to a new class they instruct (spinning, Zumba, pole dancing, anyone?!)
If having one on one training isn’t something you can swing, try a new class you’ve never thought you’d be into -kick boxing may just be your calling after all! Most importantly, change your routine to keep it fresh and help you stay motivated and focused on working out.
2. Get some new fitness digs. Nothing gives a girl motivation like a bit of retail therapy!  A new pair of… athletic capris or, fitness cargo pants can really help you accomplish your fitness goals.  Shopping is one motivational inspiration that I know and understand VERY well. Nothing gives you a boost in self-confidence more than looking great and feeling sexy in some new fitness outfit set  or a supportive and sexy sports bra top. In fact, Palm Beach Athletic Wear was created for women that want to look great while working out every day.
A few years ago I was a manager of a large fitness facility and I kept meeting women hesitant to show up and workout because they didn’t like the way they looked but knew they had to continue their fitness routine to get to where they wanted to be –better toned, shed those extra 15 lbs, etc. After being asked repeated where they could get comfortable, slimming fitness wear designed specifically for women like them, I knew I wanted to create a fitness boutique with the best selection of comfortable athletic apparel and workout wear that would give every woman confidence in their current physique to eventually achieve their ultimate goal at the gym, yoga studio –or, wherever they decided to get fit! I found beautiful workout clothing that sucks you in, smoothes your bumps and lumps out and is made with the highest quality fabrics and fashion forward looks. 
Shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear for the ultimate, motivational boost. A new workout outfit can really help you stick with your fitness goals –A little shopping and retail therapy at Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s online fitness boutique!

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