Palm Beach Athletic Wear Healthy Life Ambassadors’s Healthy Life Program has been created to celebrate and empower the incredible women that get up every day to inspire us and push us farther than we thought we could go. They are the women in the fitness industry that live in the fantastic fitness clothing that we carry.

What have our Healthy Life Ambassadors been up to lately? Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s Healthy Life Ambassadors have been busy teaching fitness classes!

Brie Wolf 
Monday: Studio 350 12:00pm 1/2 balance & sculpt, 1/2 yoga

Tuesday: The Bombay Room 9:00am Yang Yin (vinyasa flow and yin yoga) 
Today! Friday: Michael’s Body Scenes 9:15am spinning
Sunday: LA Fitness (Cypress Creek) 9:15am spinning
*To set up a private yoga session in South Florida, email:
Heidi Lauckhardt-Rhoades
For a complete list of classes and Heidi’s schedule visit her calendar & website here:
Pamela Morris

To contact Pam or, to learn more about how you can attend one of her classes go to:

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