Fitness Shorts YOU Asked For!

As Winter slowly melts into Spring, it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest looks! We asked Palm Beach Athletic Wear readers, fans and customers what THEY wanted to see more of and it was, by far, fitness shorts for Spring! Bluefish Sport and Tiempo Libre USA offer up the latest fitness fashions, available at, Exclusively with Free Shipping for our US customers!

Bluefish Sport has these amazing, athletic Action Shorts, available in Deep Purple or Sunshine Yellow with Free Shipping! Perfect for running, jogging, hot yoga or your next spinning class, these Bluefish Fitness Shorts have a V-Shaped waistline to accentuate those perfect abs you’ve worked hard on over the Winter and have wanted to show off!

Tiempo Libre USA is the newest brand offered at Palm Beach Athletic Wear but, they’ve been making women look great in the gym since 2009.  A sportswear brand dedicated to athletic women with a belief that you can be sexy even while working out, Tiempo Libre USA‘s fitness shorts are colorful, have drawstring sides and are available in these two, awesome ethnic prints we love (and know you will love too)!

These printed athletic shorts coordinate easily with what you’ve already got in your fitness wardrobe -Pair them with a solid fitness top or sexy sports bra. If you are looking for a new fitness top for Spring, this Protokolo Activewear Zero 8 top (featured, below) looks great paired with the Ethnic Green Yoga Shorts from Tiempo Libre USA!

Stock up on these fitness shorts for Spring and you will always look your best when you workout! Shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear and get Free Shipping, unbeatable prices on the fitness apparel and brands you love… You will feel confident and sexy during your next workout session with any of these fitness apparel looks for Spring and Summer!

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