Celebrate Leap Day with Fitness Apparel!

An extra day in February?!? Yes, today is Leap Day! In the spirit of Leap Day William, a funny made-up character on NBC’s 30 Rock, (video clip, above) Palm Beach Athletic Wear thought we’d celebrate this strangely colorful, and quirky non-tradition of wearing blue and yellow on Leap Day with all of our fans, customers and followers!

Palm Beach Athletic Wear has tons of fitness cargo pants in royal blue by Bluefish Sport. Shop our great selection of fitness cargo pants in blue hues, here: http://bit.ly/LeapDayFashions

Pair fitness cargo pants with a fun, yellow athletic top from Protokolo or, a supportive and sexy workout bra top or, even a hooded mesh vest for your next workout!

Happy Leap Day, everyone!

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