Inspired by… the Boston Marathon

Inspired by the Boston Marathon to get your lower body workout through running? Run like you’ve never ran before (and up your fashion fitness quota) with Palm Beach Athletic Wear‘s awesome collection of fitness shorts in colorful new, hues by Tiempo Libre!

A must have for female athletes is a supportive sports bra. This is also the case for women that run and jog. When running, the sweat should not be trapped in and around your sports bra – Protokolo Activewear‘s sports bras wick moisture away from your chest, leaving you comfortable and looking just as fabulous as when you started out on the trails! Shop Palm Beach Athletic Wear for a great selection of sexy fitness sports bras that outperform and outlast other basic bras. 
Another important element with any workout, is finding the best athletic shoes for the sport. Running shoes are for running, as pointe shoes are used for ballet. 
We hope these helpful tips for running inspires you to get your workout by running. Whatever you do to get fit, make sure you have fun doing it!

Have a fab fit Wednesday from Palm Beach Athletic Wear!

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