Fitness Gym Towels for Women -When is it time to Replace Yoga Mat Towels?

Colorful, Gym Towels for Women have arrived at Palm Beach Athletic Wear, just in time for the Summer heat!  Replacing a gym, yoga mat or hand towel just before the Summer each year is a good idea.

If the thought of going to the gym or yoga studio without a body or yoga mat towel is unspeakable, than you are reading the right blog today! Palm Beach Athletic Wear offers a colorful selection of yoga mat towels, body towels for after workout gym showers and hand towels too. Active Wear Palm Beach Fitness Accessories and Yoga Towels will dry you off quickly, are eco-friendly AND keep germs away from your skin, while you workout or after workout sessions. even has a few Manduka Limited Edition Lyric Yoga Mat Towels in stock and ready to ship to you for your next workout session. (pictured, left) This design is a Limited Edition -so, no one else will be toting along the same one as you, when you head to your next yoga class!

Did you know that you should replace your yoga mat towel every year? A good rule to follow -If you practice yoga or workout regularly, your yoga mat towel or gym towel should be replaced annually.

How To Remember-When the kids get out of school, just before the Summer or, by June 1st, replace your gym or hand towels with fresh, new threads.

Shop our Yoga & Gym Towels NOW:

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