Fitness Friday Father’s Day Fitness Idea for the Fam!

Happy Fitness Friday! Today, Palm Beach Athletic Wear offers up a fun, fitness idea the whole family can partake in. Father’s Day is this Sunday and, what better way to relax with Dad than by doing the sun salutations? Yoga is a wonderful way to stretch and get a workout in and, every age can attempt yoga!

The whole family can easily partake in a 30 to 60 minute yoga session. You can even hire a private yoga instructor to come to your home and give your whole family a workout they’ll love, cherish and most definitely want to do again and again.

Palm Beach Athletic Wear offers fab fitness and yoga accessories the whole family will get inspired by. From our ZUURA Bamboo Outdoor Yoga Mat by Kulae (beach yoga at sunset, anyone?!?), funky watches in child sizes to large, adult sizes, to our colorful, Manduka eQua yoga mat towels that double as super absorbent, pool and beach towels.

Have a happy Fitness Friday and may your Father’s Day be filled with fun and family,

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