Fitness Friday – Product Spotlight

This Summer, you head to the yoga studio in your fitness tank top and athletic capris only to find that the bus, train (insert public transportation you take here) is ice cold but, the weather outside could not be any hotter. South Florida is similar in that you can be extremely hot one moment and ice cold the next minute -When you walk into any business the air conditioner is usually on full blast! We aren’t complaining however, this can make anyone question what they are wearing to workout in!

How do you keep yourself comfortable when every other place you visit, other than the Bikram Yoga Studio, is ice cold? Palm Beach Athletic Wear offers up these Protokolo Fitness Cardigans in Classic Black or White… perfect for your next trip to and from the yoga studio. These fitness coverups are also perfect for the cooler months that are just around the corner.

Shop for your Bikram Yoga Wear and athletic wear and get Free US Shipping, excellent customer service and the best prices on the yoga and fitness brands you love.

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