Embarking On a New Workout Journey – Workout Journal Entry #1

Changing things up a bit on the good ole Palm Beach Athletic Wear Blog.  Why am I doing this?  Why am I doing what you ask?  Why am I writing this blog?
I’m going to start from the EXACT place that I am.  If it’s all over the place that’s because I can’t help it – it’s one of my many issues.
On July 24, 2012 my friend Teresa and I decided to try a boot-camp style gym that my friend owns called Palm Beach Allsport.  We took a free trial class in which during that first class we had this exchange of words (while running with a GIGANTIC medicine ball on shoulder):
Me (dying)- “Teresa, I FREAKING HATE this.”
Teresa (also dying)- “I know me too this sucks, this is NOT for me.”
Me (dying more now that I’m talking while doing this) – “It TOTALLY sucks Why are we doing this?  Who’s stupid idea was this?”
Teresa – “YOURS- Thanks, I hate you.”
Me – “I hate you too. Brat.”
We left the class that day saying NEVER AGAIN.Two days later Teresa (by the way I call her Brat- a name she earns on a regular basis) calls me and says, “I have decided to join the Boot-camp gym.” I said, “OK I will too.”
Why this happened?  I have no idea I mean we ABSOLUTELY despised that crazy workout.
Now, you must know that it was a very abnormal decision for me to join this place.  I have 2 friends who own these types of gyms.  Both are awesome (the friends and their gyms). I have tried a few Crossfit classes over the years but decided these types of workouts will NEVER be for me.  Why would it never be for me?  I am someone who does or has tried just about every type of workout that exists?
My reasons for NOT wanting to join a Crossfit or Boot-camp style gym:
  1. I have too many injuries from a childhood of competitive gymnastics (bad knees), a few car accidents (bad back, herniated discs in my neck) a torn rotator cuff in right shoulder from a mugger (a very unsuccessful mugger who dragged me through a crowded parking lot from my arm as he drove the car with me hanging and dragging). That’s a story I don’t have time to tell right now. This blog is long enough.
  2. I’m getting up in the years and my body/metabolism are starting to change and I have to work harder at it. I don’t want to get BIG and BULKY. I am tall and have very long, lean arms and legs. I’d like to stay that way and not look like SHE-man, you know He-Man’s (master of the universe’s girlfriend). No offense to any SHE-man’s out there I just don’t want my body to look that way.  Pilates, yoga, clean eating and good genes have given me the long lean type of body.  I intend to try to keep as long as I can hopefully forever.
  3. I’ve always felt it’s kinda like a cult.  I can already feel the attacks for saying that. Keep in mind I am now a Crossfitter boot-campy person.  Yes, I still don’t really know the correct terminology. Feel free to school me on it. I am not opposed to criticism. Alright!
  4. The knee high socks and people saying “IS THIS PALEO?” annoy the HECK out of me. Once again no offence. Maybe someday I will show up with knee high socks that say “Bacon” on the side of them. (doubt it, please punch me if I do). “Jessica D. I know this has you laughing right now.”
  5. Price – I will still want to keep my Yoga and Pilates memberships because I love them and all 3 add up to quite a large chunk of dough.
So here’s what has happened so far.  After workout #7 I got in my car and felt “AMAZING” so “AMAZING” that I called my husband (who WILL NEVER do crossfit for reason #2 see above- he has injuries too) and told him that I just had the absolute best workout EVER.  I walked in my front door feeling like a million bucks, made myself an egg white omelet with lots of veggies, took a shower and proceeded to blow dry my hair when IT happened.  I thought somebody was stabbing me with a knife in my lower back. I fell to the floor and COULD NOT GET UP, COULD NOT CRAWL, I was stuck there.  So much for my awesome day awesome workout AWESOME – NOT! Husband said “SEE I TOLD YOU Kristen YOU have too many injuries!”
I spent 5 days like this- immobile in the recliner, icing my back with my necessary supplies: my kindle, my laptop and my cell phone. When I had to go to the bathroom or get up for any reason I had to use my rolling office chair in which I had to lean forward facing the chair and put weight on it as I wheeled to my destination. I looked ridiculous. (oh and I have to add that the Brat kept going while I was out of commission -WOOT WOOT. Sometimes shes a GOOD BRAT). So proud of the Brat.
Fast Forward 1 week, 3 dr. appointments and 3 massages later. I feel back to normal. Back to the gym I go ready for my WOD (workout of the day).  Brat and I continued this week going 4 days in a row and we KILLED IT (at 6:30 Am I might add).  YEAH!!!!
Here comes to the part of “Why am I writing this blog?”  My clothes are barely fitting.
I call Brat at work. It goes like this:
Me – “Hey Brat, are your clothes too tight?  My shirt is too tight, my bras are tighter, my jeans barely fit and right now my shorts that were too big a few weeks ago are now pulling at the sides. What the heck is going on?  I’m getting bulky! You are supposed to tell me these things!”
Brat – “Well, funny you should say that because Sexy Rexy (this funny old man who we met when we worked together at a gym years ago) just came in the store and told me that I look like I’ve put on some weight. He said I was beginning to look a little thin there for a while.”
Naturally, since my clothes are getting too tight and the Brat is listening to Sexy Rexy, we don’t exactly like what is happening to the APPEARANCE of our bodies. Basically, Brat and I feel like we are seriously bulking up.  Our diets are on target- eating super clean, correct portion sizes, etc.  I basically eat Paleo with the exception of some cheese and whole grain brown rice on occasion.  I may have a cheat meal (not a cheat day) once a week but not more than that. I have been eating “clean” for years so this is easy for me (lean protein, veggies, no sugar etc.). We have both decided that the only way we will really be able to judge the changes in our bodies is to take pictures weekly (for our eyes only at least for now) and compare our results. We will also be keeping track of what we are eating/drinking.
Neither one of us knows what is going on with our bodies.  We are not lifting ridiculously heavy weight. We ARE listening to our bodies and doing what we KNOW our bodies will allow us.  Maybe our bodies are in shock mode?  Maybe we are retaining water (we both have been craving some serious salt and I have never LIKED salt)?  Regardless of the reason or all of the reasons we are sticking with it. Why? because we do like the way we feel. We both feel better physically and mentally. We like the challenge, the competition.  We like not having to “think” about what workout to do.  We like pushing ourselves beyond what we thought we could do.  We like doing this together as friends and supporting one another to keep going.
This blog is my/our journal of sorts as two friends navigate through new challenges in our attempts to stay fit and healthy and “hopefully” to get in the BEST shape of our lives. Maybe you will want to keep reading, maybe you won’t, maybe this will be helpful for other women?  Either way you have it, this is our Crazy Fitness Life blog and we will tell it like it is and use this as our workout journal.

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