Building Blocks for a Great Workout Wardrobe

We all know that everyone should have a LITTLE BLACK DRESS in their wardrobe but what essentials are necessary for your WORKOUT wardrobe?  There are key pieces that are simply a must for ensuring that you are comfortable and EXCUSE free!

Ambition ShortsIf you are like me, what you wear depends on your MOOD.  Put it this way [some days you are more confident than others].  I don’t always feel like I can confidently sport these SUPER CUTE HOT SHORTS but they are great to have in your fitness wardrobe especially if you practice hot yoga or work out in the heat like us Florida gals!

Hot shorts are NOT for every body type.  If you can wear them then add that to your wardrobe essential list if not, then capri length pants are another great option when the heat is on! Spirit Capri Pants and Shorts

We love these Spirit Capri Pants because they are flattering on ANY body type and look super cool and fashionable. They have lots of cool details (see next sentence) and are also available in short length (shorts) and long length (yoga pants).

If super cute contrast stitching, sparkly rivets and real working pockets and belt loops “cute details mentioned above” are not your thing (did I really say that-how silly) then go for a simple basic capri pant such as

Basic Capri Pants

the Protokolo Basic Capri.  It’s simple yet with a wide variety of color choices and superior fabric quality these “basics” can be worn with your everyday clothes.  We love them under a long t-shirt, tunic or chunky sweater!

I really love the versatility of these basics and how easily you can incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.
Ambition CamiNow let’s talk tops!  There are some days where you feel SUPER FIT AND FABULOUS and you have no qualms about wearing a tight fitting top and the Ambition Cami is a basic that has some very cool attributes.  First, the colors are right on target for the season. Second, the built in bra – HELLO – gotta have that to keep the girls in check!  Then let’s talk about adjustments.  We have the adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit for your body and the drawstring bust area!  Yup, right in the center is a drawstring that you can pull out and tie into a cute little bow showing as much or as little cleavage as you choose.  It also adds a nice feminine touch to this basic fitness tank.  The figure hugging material smooths and shapes while remaining light enough to wick away perspiration keeping you cool and comfortable while doing what you do!

For days when you need a loose fitting roomy top (like after a weekend of cheat meals, or spending some time on a long vacation where you ate and drank to no end). has a few ofLoose fitting Rio Fitness Top these that you must add to your workout wardrobe list.  The T Back Blouse is perfect to wear over a cute colorful sports bra. Another great option is the Rio top. It’s loose fitting and has an adjustable tie at the hem to allow you to wear  long and loose or pulled and lifted for a blousing effect.  The hand painted rings in back add an artistic and unique look that takes it from boring basic to super fashionable! Choose from a pretty washed blue or classic white.  I say get both because it gives you an excuse to wear them more often.

There you have it!  Some building blocks for a GREAT WORKOUT WARDROBE!  Stay tuned for our next addition to building a great workout wardrobe. Got questions or comments?  Let us know and don’t forget to check us out on facebook and tweet with us on Twitter!

xo, Kristen Lemoine

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