Eggs at the Gym and Kristen’s Egg White Stir Fry Scramble

This morning I went for my daily torture (the extreme workout) at Palm Beach All Sport . I say torture because every day is literally a challenge no matter how long you have been cross-fitting. If you remember my recent post Embarking on a New Workout Journey, you know I am now one of those crazy boot-camper cross-fitter people.  It’s weird how that happened and YES, I am addicted to it and NO, I am NOT ASHAMED.  I LOVE it!  You will never hear me say “I LOVE IT!” during the workout but now that I am home eating my yummy breakfast I can easily say “I LOVE IT!”.

[ By the way the other day one of the guys who works out with us in the morning said, “Can you believe that we actually PAY for them to do this to us?”.  I thought it was funny and SOOO true.  Sometimes I wonder if they are secretly trying to kill me! Which is good because if it wasn’t challenging I wouldn’t go!]

As I was saying – breakfast. What am I eating for breakfast you ask?

I am eating the egg whites I purchased while being tortured this morning!  You see, across from Palm Beach All Sport is the warehouse for C.R. Chicks, a yummy restaurant in town.  I first realized this when one morning while sweating up a storm, I was suddenly overcome with a strong odor of onions.  At first I thought, HOLY CRAP is that me?  Then someone told me about the C.R. Chicks warehouse.  I was gonna say, geez!

I know they look really gross.

Back to the story, today the owner or manager or whoever he is of the C.R. Chicks place came walking over with pints of pure egg whites and offered them to all of us crazy boot-campers for 1.50 each!  Since all I had was a $5 I bought three 🙂  They are only good for 1 week so I need to use these babies up!  That should be easy to do since I eat some variation of egg whites for breakfast every day anyway. Since my refrigerator is always stocked full of veggies I decided to make this recipe.

Kristen’s Egg White Stir Fry Scramble

I am going to list what I put in my meal today because it’s easier that way but you can use any combination of veggies and it’s also a great way to use up leftovers.  Don’t be afraid to throw some leftover cooked chicken in there too for added protein!  Oh, you know what’s really yummy in this recipe?  Sweet potato!  I thought of this when I was done cooking or I would have put some in this recipe.  I was still in a fog recovering from the Torture.  I wasn’t thinking 100%.

  • Avacado Oil (you can use olive oil but I LOVE Avacado oil)
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Yellow Bell Pepper
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Red Onion
  • dash of Rosemary
  • dash of Cumin
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • if you are not eating Paleo a bit of feta cheese sprinkled on top would be yummy.  I really wanted to do that but I am trying to stick to my Paleo as much as possible.

Heat oil (I don’t measure I eyeball it but I would say 1-2 tbsp of oil) in a pan on medium heat.  Chop up all veggies to your liking and throw them in the pan like this.

Put all veggies in pan

You may want to put the broccoli, carrots and bell pepper in first since they take a little longer to cook. Then add the rest. Sprinkle in your seasonings and continue to stir. I like my veggies a little crisp so I don’t let them cook for too long.  Once my veggies have just begun to soften I add the egg whites and continue mixing until all of the egg whites are cooked and you have a nice scrambled mix that looks like this.

Let's eat!

Yum!  That was delicious.  Now I need to think of how I can incorporate egg whites into my lunch….

Did you make this recipe?  Tell us what you put in yours, we love to hear from our readers!

xo, Kristen Lemoine

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