Saturday Workout and a Cute Ending

Saturday’s for my family start off with a family workout! We load up and head to the gym together and cheer each other on while we try to beat each other’s time. It starts out friendly and encouraging and then competition begins. It always happens. I start out helping my son to make sure he has proper form and then I look over and my husband is kicking my butt on time… the mean Mom that I am I leave my son to go at it. It’s OK, the trainers will help him and of course I always have him in my eyesight.

It’s a fun thing to do and a nice way to end the stressful work- school week and a healthy way to start off the weekend. Our friends have made it a family affair also, bringing their 2 boys and sometimes we make teams, family against family.

Fitness should be a part of your life and I feel that it is really important to set an example for your kids so that they keep health and fitness a part of their life as they grow into young men and women. Lead by example and your kids will follow. Find something active for your family to do together and make it a routine. You don’t have to all join a gym but you could find a cool trail and run it together or a scenic bike route. Use what you have around you. Start off slow, a walk around the neighborhood is a good start. Of course the ages of your kids and health conditions are important to consider but there is always something that you can do. Get your friends and neighbors involved!

I did say a cute ending and I think this one will make you smile.

Look what our reward is at the end of the workout. We get to snuggle and play with this adorable baby…. she was pooped after all those kettle bell swings and double-unders.

Sweet Bella

Guess what we had for breakfast afterwards? Yup those eggwhites 🙂

What does your family do to stay healthy and fit? Do you have a family workout? Are you going to start one? What is it going to be?

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