Palm Beach Athletic Wear offers up the hottest new fitness wear, season after season. We know what women want to wear when working out because WE workout almost daily! scoures the globe for the most flattering, quality best athletic wear that can withstand the test of time and countless workouts. One of our favorite athletic and activewear brands for women is, Body Angel. Palm Beach Athletic Wear recently got the chance to interview Maria Fernanda De La Vega, fitness fashion designer and founder of Body Angel Activewear. And, below are the results of our Q and A with Maria! Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in the US? I am from Barranquilla, Colombia and I have been living in San Diego, CA for 10 years.

When was Body Angel Activewear launched? Body Angel Activewear was founded and launched in 2008 Why did you decide to start your own activewear clothing line? With sports and fitness being a part of my life since childhood, I thought it would be fun and interesting designing my own women’s fitness clothing with a Latin flare.

Where do you look to find inspiration for your designs? I find my inspirations for my clothing designs from the gym, current fashion in the US, Colombia and from what I think people would like that is different from the “Big Brand” lines. 

What is the best part of designing your own active wear clothing line? The best part of designing my own clothing line is that I get to test and use all of my pieces and put them through tests of working out. I also get to use my creative side to give women from all walks of life a fun, comfortable ,quality fitness wear.

What do you feel sets Body Angel Activewear apart from other womens’ Activewear clothing? What sets my Body Angel apart from other fitness wear is all pieces are handmade with the highest quality fabrics and great attention to detail. I also work to have pieces that are unique and fun not just for working out but for use in all casual occasions. Running errands around town, hanging with the family at home, travel, etc.

If you could outfit a celebrity in Body Angel Activewear who would it be and why? If I had to pick one celebrity to wear Body Angel it would have to be Sofia Vergara because she is from my home city in Colombia. Shakira would be a very close 2nd though as she is also from my home city in Colombia.

What is your favorite way to stay in shape? I do many forms of fitness activity to stay in shape but my favorite staple activity is running on the boardwalk and beaches of the Pacific Ocean in San Diego.

What are your plans for the future of the Body Angel Activewear Line? I am always looking for inspiration and new ideas for my clothing line. I have ventured a little into bikinis and I would like to expand more of that in the coming years.

Palm Beach Athletic Wear utilizes active-wear for everyday wear. We love the idea of wearing active-wear that fits in with everyday life, while still looking presentable and fashionable. How do you think Body Angel Activewear fits our fashion mantra? Many of my clients, myself included, wear Body Angel for many other daily activities outside of the gym and working out. With the designs I create the clothing is fashionable and a great conversation for other women as you can’t go to just any store and buy it off of the rack!

Shop all of the NEW Body Angel Activewear that has to expand your fitness wardrobe. We offer Free US Shipping with EVERY Apparel offer too!  Want to learn more about another athletic wear brand that Palm Beach Athletic Wear offers? Drop us a line on Twitter, email us at or, just ask us on Facebook!


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