Reading and #plankaday

Kristen's 2nd #plankaday

I know I was supposed to #plankaday everyday but I will try to not skip a day(s).  Today I decided to skip Cross fit instead and do my #plankaday and go for a run in my hood.  I’m trying to get my husband to join in on the plank fun but so far he just looks at me weird from the kitchen.  He also refused to do Cross fit until he saw how much fun I was having and the results I was seeing. Now he Cross fits every day!  HA! Funny how that happened.  I cannot wait for the day I catch him doing a #plankaday!  It just may take a little time since he doesn’t see any excitement from me with my planks yet (so far I am just grumpy about it).  On the plus side, my time improved ever so slightly. My first #plankaday was 2:17 and I realized that maybe a distraction would be a good thing to keep me from thinking about the plank and hopefully improving my plank time.  So this time I decided to grab a book, Tina Fey’s Bossypants.  I thought I would choose a funny book (I’m assuming it’s funny – Tina Fey and all) and keep my mind occupied and off the plank at hand.

It didn’t work as a matter of fact I found it very aggravating to try to get “lost in a book” while planking.  Maybe it would be better to choose I book I am already reading and REALLY into?   That is the plan for my next plank. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I must say that I am NOT “LOVING” planking but I think I will LIKE it more once I improve.  I do love the workout top that I am wearing though.  It’s a part of the Protokolo Kim Outfit Set but we do offer the option to purchase the the top separately because the pants are VERY wild and EVERYONE loves the top. Hey, If I am going to plank I might as well do it in my favorite fitness fashions!

Being that I am  NOT a quitter I do plan to keep this #plankaday thing going until I can KILL IT like Runningfordummies I mean this chick can totally ROCK the #plankaday 7 min 30 seconds? WHAT what???  I better keep practicing but I am sure that by the time I can do a 7 min plank she will be doing a 1 hour plank!   🙂 That’s how much she rocks!

B Boy and his 2nd plank

What I DO love SO MUCH is that my little B man is into the #plankaday which is making me a very happy Mama!  He sees us parents exercising and eating right every day and our hopes are that we are setting a good example so that they grow up knowing what a healthy lifestyle is and find it easier to make good choices.  I want it to be second nature for them, not something they have to do as adults because they are having health or weight issues.

Are you thinking about joining in on #plankaday?  Stop thinking and do it!  Get your kids to do it too!  We want to hear about it so please comment and share!

Kristen Lemoine

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