Are You Reflective?

On Your Mark…….Get Set…….GLOW!

Did you know that most of the Protokolo Activewear tanks, capri pants, yoga pants and shorts have reflective details?  That’s right, the little P Logo that you see on most of the designs is reflective to allow you to be more noticeable during your nightime and pre-dawn workouts.  These little logo reflectors shine in headlights or any light source.  Little details such as this can mean all the difference when it comes to safety.  I am not saying that this reflective logo should replace your other reflective gear but it is helpful to ensure that you have reflective strips on as many areas as possible for ultimate notice-a-bility.

Reflective Details on Protokolo Activewear
Reflective details on the logo of the Basic Capri Pants

We have demonstrated in the image above how this little added bonus can really light up your workout or night-time run.  The image on the left shows the logo during regular daylight while the image on the right shows the logo in the dark with a flash.  It’s the little things like this that make Protokolo Activewear a favorite amongst fitness fashions AND a Palm Beach Athletic Wear favorite for keeping safe while getting fit!  Fitness fashions certainly have come a long way haven’t they?

Kristen Lemoine

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