Turn Back the Clock -Retro Fitness Wear

Image from Go Retro! Blog

Jazzercize, leg warmers and Richard Simmons aside, the 80’s brought about the very beginnings of exercise awareness to many American women and men. A new, take-care-of-myself attitude came about at this time. Some good things did come out of the 80’s. Music was one thing the 80’s got right…ah, well, sort of. Chances are, you probably still love the look of Retro Pumas, Vintage Adidas pants and working out while tuning into your favorite iPod or Pandora Radio station.

Sunday morning we must roll the clocks back one hour. Palm Beach Athletic Wear thought today’s blog post would be the perfect opportunity to feature how a few fashion statements from the 80’s have been redesigned for fitness style today. No leotards here!

Protokolo Old School Tank Top

Protokolo did the 80’s justice when they designed this Old School Fitness Top. Just the right amount of retro-chic to make your workout hipster cool. This tank top is perfect paired with a workout Skort or their UV Cargo Pants. (No parachute pants -We promise)!

No, Palm Beach Athletic Wear won’t be offering leg warmers… Uhh, probably never. But these Karma Kicks -Cool Toe Socks for Yoga are as retro as we are willing to go and you get a hipster vibe plus warm feet for early morning workouts at the yoga studio or Aerobics Class ala Richard Simmons. All joking aside, these Karma Kicks make a great gift idea for your yoga buddy or friend that happily tags along to every new and crazy workout session you want to try.

Karma Kicks Rock!

NEED A LAUGH: A hilarious, but true, look at the 80’s fitness craze comes from this, Go Retro! blog post:  The 80s Fitness Craze  -If you want a guttural laugh, an even funnier blog about 80’s workout style (involves photos!) that truly had our office cracking up, check out 10 Very Awful ’80s Workout-Leotard Photos

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