Workout Wednesday -What Palm Beach Athletic Wear is Thankful For

It’s Autumn in South Florida! Time to break out our  Sweaters, Long Sleeve        Tops & Pants!

Palm Beach Athletic Wear is still getting over that Palm Beach and South Florida weather truly feels like Fall.  The Autumn season usually means only 5 degrees cooler here with that heavy, oppressive heat we are so used to. Simply put, this Fall the weather is gorgeous! Our staffers have been bike riding, folding up their treadmills earlier than expected, running and training outdoors and even participating in a few nature hikes and Crossfit competitions!  Fall and Winter weather in South Florida is just one of this year’s things we are thankful for.

Weather aside, we’ve made some amazing friendships with some of the top women’s fitness bloggers of 2012 and have even partnered up with, a nationwide network of fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline through multiple social media platforms. Palm Beach Athletic Wear is most Thankful for all of our supportive Fans and customers. Truth be told, the Staff at Palm Beach Athletic Wear is super excited to share all the Holiday Savings, Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Savings with our loyal fans and customers.

Top Women’s Fitness Bloggers

If you have already subscribed to the Palm Beach Athletic Wear Mailing List, you’ve received our Black Friday Deals. We hope you find these amazing deals irresistible!

Palm Beach Athletic Wear is thankful for the health of our family and friends. We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Please continue to pass on the good word about our online fitness boutique. Sharing our website, with your friends and family and being a loyal customer has helped us become the fastest-growing online fitness boutique of quality women’s workout active wear in South Florida. Thank you!

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