NEW Protokolo Activewear Collections... Now Available at

NEW Protokolo Activewear Collections… Now Available at

All right, ladies, summer is finally upon us…(at least in South Florida it is)!  After many months of monochromatic clothes and being covered up in coats, the summer season is the perfect time to burst into color with playful printed athletic wear, and what better place to start than with the workout wear you need to get back outdoors and jump into summer?!

Palm Beach Athletic Wear features the coolest online selection of hot prints for summer! One of our top favorites for this Summer are Protokolo Activewear’s new collection of hot printed fitness fashions. This funky fitness printed athletic wear offers lightweight and ultra-soft feeling fabrics, that are sure to turn a few heads at the gym or, wherever you work out! offers the highest quality and most comfortable fitness fashions to make your workouts colorful and sexy for summer!

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