How to Fit a Workout Into Your Busy Schedule

MAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF: How to Fit a Workout Into Your Busy Schedule

by Fitness Fashion Stylist, Zoe L. for Palm Beach Athletic Wear

Make time for yourself & look great working out!

Make time for yourself & look great working out!

Many women find it extremely challenging to fit in a workout during the course of their busy and, often hectic day. When we’re constantly juggling and multitasking, taking the time to treat ourselves well can easily slide down our list of priorities. In actuality, we can deal with all of our other pursuits better when we do make the time to take care of ourselves! Yoga provides a much-needed respite to our frazzled minds, practicing Pilates boosts energy and supports posture, and even a short workout releases endorphins such as serotonin that improve mood, sleep, and our ability to cope with the stresses of our busy and hectic lifestyles. Here are some simple tips from Palm Beach Athletic Wear on how to fit a workout into your already over-booked and busy day:

  1. Cari is wearing Element V Chi Capris & Chi Cami -BOTH are on SALE!

    Cari is wearing Element V Chi Capris & Chi Cami -BOTH are on SALE!

    MAKE PLANS Go ahead and schedule those Zumba, yoga or Pilates classes! Write them into your planner, and make a commitment to yourself to attend—if you’ve already carved out a time to workout, you’re much more likely to stick to the plan. Better yet, go with a friend! Having already agreed to meet someone at the gym, for a run, or to attend a class definitely ups the ante and greatly increases your likelihood of following through!

  2. PalmBeachAthleticWea-2012HEALTHY OFFICE TIPS Staying hydrated through your workday will help burn calories and increase stamina, so grab that bottle of water and keep it at your desk… AND you can use that same water bottle to exercise at your desk! Sit up straight with your butt at the back of your chair. Hold the bottle in your right hand, arm extended and curl it up toward your shoulder; repeat 15 times and then switch to your left hand. You can also place a sturdy water bottle or yoga towel between your knees and squeeze, release halfway, then squeeze again, repeating 20 times, to tone your inner thighs. These are just a couple of easy office workouts; there are many more available online!

  3. Tote your Yoga Gear is Style!

    Tote your Yoga Gear is Style!

    BE PREPARED Keep a gym bag  (like our colorful, Feliz Dia Protokolo Activewear fitness bag or, Manduka Practice Yoga Mat Bag in Turquoise or Classic Black)   with clean workout clothing and gear in your car all the time, so that when a meeting gets rescheduled or the kids have to stay late for soccer practice, you are already equipped to head for the park or the gym to take advantage of the opportunity to spontaneously fit in a workout!

And remember, have fun! has the best selection of fitness fashions and colorful yoga clothing for all of your athletic endeavors, no matter where your workouts take place!

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