Onzie Soundwave Muscle Tank - Perfect for Yoga with the kids!

Onzie Soundwave Muscle Tank – Perfect for Yoga with the kids!

Long summer days out of school can lead to boredom and lethargy for kids; fortunately, this time can be seized as a perfect opportunity to introduce the next generation to the joys of yoga! In this day and age of multi-tasking and fast-paced lives, children are under many stresses similar to those of their parents. Introducing YOGA early on can provide a valuable outlet for mind-clearing, healthy decompression. Developing a summer routine is an ideal place to begin familiarizing even young children to the benefits of incorporating exercise and yoga into their day! Here are some fitness and yoga DVDs for kids that Palm Beach Athletic Wear LOVES:

  1. Storyland Yoga by Playful Planet with Ahmed Fahmy: A combination of two charming animal stories demonstrates yoga postures to kids by incorporating their movements and imaginations into the adventures of the characters! (Bonus–It also teaches through an environmentally-conscious perspective.) This DVD can be fun for the entire family, and is already adored by parents and children alike, winning countless awards. Storyland Yoga is a must-have, and destined to become a classic!

  1. Move N Groove Kids with Deborah Damast & Sara Lavan: This children’s fitness video is guaranteed to get your kids dancing, shaking, and thinking! Utilizing fun dance movements, live action and character animations, this highly acclaimed DVD also integrates problem-solving and vocabulary-building into an awesome format that is irresistible to children. So entertaining that your kids will only recognize the fun-filled play aspect while they develop language skills, healthy living tips, and workout, all at the same time!!!

  1. Yoga Motion DVD, Available on

    Yoga Motion DVD, Available on

    Yoga Motion by Namaste Kid with Lindsay McCoy: This more classic approach to yoga for kids includes the use of a mat and features a distraction-free background for enhanced concentration. A feature we love is that this children’s yoga video is divided into ten (3-4 minute) chapters, so that you can adjust the length of the session for your schedule, and kids can mix and match their favorite chapters, or play the complete 35-minute routine. Instructor Lindsay’s calm charismatic energy keeps children focused and this kid’s yoga DVD is sure to improve your little one’s strength, balance, and CONFIDENCE!

All DVDs can be purchased from Amazon.
Palm Beach Athletic Wear did not receive any compensation for these reviews.
Ages range for these DVDs is approximately, 2-10 & prices vary from $10-$20 each.

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