Protokolo Activewear's One Three Eight Capri Pants

Protokolo Activewear’s One Three Eight Capri Pants

With bikini season upon us, now it the perfect time to practice squats and planks, two great cross fit exercises specifically designed for maximizing booty beauty! Strengthening your core and toning your tush, Palm Beach Athletic Wear shows you how to try these quick and easy booty toning exercises:

Squatting is pretty much how it sounds, but you want to make sure to squat correctly, for minimal stress on your back and maximum results on your glutes!  From a standing position, feet spaced about 12 inches apart, basically perform the act of sitting in a chair: Lower your butt, while keeping your knees in place and your head held high. Make sure you’re not leaning forward—back straight—and place your weight on your heels. (You may extend your arms forward or leave them naturally at your sides.) Hold the position for 30 seconds, or as long as is comfortable for you, stand up again, and repeat!

Protokolo's One Three Eight Pant & Bluefish Sport Jaws Top in White -NOT quite a Plank, but still rockin'!

Protokolo’s One Three Eight Pant & Bluefish Sport Jaws Top in White -NOT quite a Plank, but still rockin’!

For planking, get into the position you would at the beginning of a push- up, but rest on your forearms on the floor and place your elbows directly below your shoulders. Raise your elongated body upward with your toes, keeping your back straight and your abdominal and glute muscles tight. Your butt should neither be raised up high in the air nor sagging toward the floor—make your body a straight line! Hold for 30 seconds and release. And voila, you’re planking!

NEW Fitness Cargo Pant!

NEW Fitness Cargo Pant!

MOTIVATION & REWARD: Shop’s  unique and colorful selection of butt lifting fitness pants , sure to give your backside a smooth lift it needs!  Flattering for any woman’s shape are these great options by Protokolo Activewear. The One Three Eight yoga capri pants come in an array of cool colors for summer and are tailored with contrast stitching pockets to maximize your booty beauty and, rears of all sizes. We also love Protokolo’s brand new fitness cargo pants in the hip Camo Cargo Pant style. Comfy and lightweight for summer, this fun camouflage print features gold pinstripes up the leg sides and on the functional back pockets, perfect for showing off your best booty assets!

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