Angels Workout!?!

Workout like an Angel!

Workout like an Angel!

Palm Beach Athletic Wear has long coveted these Element V, Bluefish Sport Angel Leggings as the perfect addition to ANY fitness wardrobe. Every once in awhile, our stock depletes and our store shelves are missing one of the hottest fitness pants to get a workout in.

Today, these bad boys are back by popular demand! These super sexy, Angel fitness leggings have arrived, once again.

What’s so special about these fitness leggings? Well, for one thing, they are one-size-fits-all.  So, Palm Beach Athletic Wear has taken the guesswork out of which size you’ll need. Secondly, these Angel workout leggings are made of the softest material that out performs other fitness pants. The feel of the fabric against your body is, well….. angelic!

Wear anywear Angel Fitness Leggings! Perfect with heels & IN the gym!

Wear anywhere Angel Fitness Leggings! Perfect with heels & IN the gym!

The best fitness fashions in our workout wardrobe do double duty – Fitness fashions that you can wear outside the gym and yoga studio to that rockin’ new club, night out with friends, on a hot date and much more!  Palm Beach Athletic Wear is  ALL  about getting the most bang from your fitness wear.

Grab your pair of Bluefish Sport Angel Leggings NOW:

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