Tranquil Thursday – Leave the negativity behind.

Tranquil Thursday

Let go, live and love.

It is time to relax. Today is Tranquil Thursday. Leave all the negativity of the past few days behind you.  Try keeping positive thoughts as they make us stronger and keep our minds healthy.  Worrying about yesterday’s mistakes will cloud our heads and close our minds for the new day. Endless possibilities await us to right our wrongs with acts of kindness.

T rust in yourself

H ug someone for no reason

U ncloak the beauty within you

R emember to be compassionate

S mile it is contagious

D iversity cures boredom and sparks creativity

A llow kindness to penetrate your mind body and soul

Y ou are in control

Make Tranquil Thursday the day of deep thought.  Meditate in your own way and clear your mind of bad Karma.  Peaceful thoughts will only generate good Karma that will carry over till Friday.

You are now starting with a clean slate. Keep these motivations flowing for as long as possible.

Tranquil Thursday Thrives

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